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Anaheim, California | March 2–5, 2017


Friday, March 3

Plenary Breakfast Owners Panel

Rachel Falsetti, Division Chief of Construction, California Department of Transportation

Rachel Falsetti

Ms. Falsetti has been with Caltrans for 30 years, serving in various management positions in Finance, Design, Construction, Traffic Operations, Local Assistance, and Planning.  Prior to her current position, she was on the finance side for eight years as Chief, Division of Transportation Programming, where she was responsible for programming state and federal transportation funds for transportation projects. This entailed funding of over $5 billion worth of transportation projects each year. 

Caltrans is an $11 billion organization with 20,000 employees who build, maintain, and operate the 50,000 lane miles of California’s world-class transportation system.  The Division of Construction is responsible for assisting the Department in delivering construction projects by providing uniform policies and guidance, improving and adding new specifications, delivering training courses, and providing contract administration expertise, and resolving arbitrations. The Department currently has more than 800 contracts in construction valued at over $8 billion. 

Ms. Falsetti has a B.A. in Civil Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Susan R. Rowghani, Director of Water Engineering and Technical Services (WETS), Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Susan R. Rowghani

Susan R. Rowghani is the Director of Water Engineering and Technical Services (WETS) at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), the largest municipally owned utility in the US.   In this role, she is responsible for the planning, design and construction of all of the LADWP Water System's major capital construction projects.  The Los Angeles Water System capital program is approximately $1 billion annually; about 50% of that amount is managed under WETS.  

Ms. Rowghani has over 30 years of experience in a broad range of engineering, planning, construction, CIP, safety, and governmental affairs functions.   She currently manages sections involved in Water Recycling and Groundwater Remediation Planning; GIS; Master Planning; CIP and Asset Management; Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Geotechnical, and Trunk line Design groups; Survey, Test lab, and Plant Inspection Support Groups; and Contract Administration, Construction and Project Management groups.

Susan has worked with diverse stakeholders including elected officials, community-based organizations, other outside agencies, and residents to effectively communicate the need for major capital improvement projects.  She also chairs an internal LADWP workgroup to effectively prioritize, allocate resources, and manage the implementation of projects required for regulatory compliance.  She also chairs the Asset Management Steering Committee which consists of Water System directors meeting to establish the guidelines and criteria for the implementation and development of the asset management program.

Rossana D’Antonio, Deputy Director, County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works

Rosanna D'Antonio

Ms. D’Antonio is a Professional Engineer (Civil and Geotechnical) with an MBA and 26 years of broad-based experience in the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works - the largest DPW in the nation, with $2 billion budget and 4000+ positions including: engineers, accountants, technicians, construction trades, and clerical staff.  With an extensive background in various engineering disciplines, management, operations and business processes, Rossana has strong skills in leadership, team building, and development of stakeholder partnerships.  She is also credentialed as an Envision Sustainability Professional with the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, a nationally recognized organization for civil infrastructure. 

Rossana D'Antonio is over the Business Outreach/Support Branch, which consists of Contracts, Construction, Design, Geotechnical and Materials Engineering, and Operational Services Divisions. She provides executive leadership in all matters relating to contracting, business outreach, and engineering support. Rossana created the Department's Innovation Lab with a broad-based mission to develop and implement innovative and sustainable ideas that foster progressive changes in design projects, methodologies, and processes.

Diego Alvarez, Director of Modernization and Development, Planning & Development Group (PDG) Los Angeles World Airports

Diego Alvarex

Diego currently serves Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) in the Planning & Development Group (PDG) as the Director of Modernization and Development.  In this charge, Diego works on major elements of Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which has a projected value of over $14 billion.  Diego has also served as the lead planner the Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP), a $5+ billion effort to reconfigure, redevelop, and modernize access and egress to LAX, bringing it in line with other global gateways around the world.  The Program includes major capital elements, including an Automated People Mover (APM) System, a Consolidated Rent-A-Car (CONRAC) center, new multi-modal facilities, and a comprehensive set of roadway improvements.  Prior to that effort, Diego led efforts to update the LAX Master Plan, assessing and entitling critical new and modified airfield, terminal, and ground access facilities at LAX, the busiest origin and destination airport in the world. 

Previously, Diego served the City of Los Angeles as the Deputy Mayor for Legislative and Intergovernmental Relations.  In that capacity, he oversaw and managed relations between the City and other local agencies, the state and federal government, and governments abroad.

Thank you to the Western Council of Construction Consumers for securing the distinctive professionals participating in this Owners Panel. 


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