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For Speakers


Those giving an oral presentation will have to bring your slideshow files to the summit on your laptops or USB flash drives as a backup.

Laptops will be provided for presentations.

Visual aids are encouraged in the form of Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows, and presenters are urged to bring the slideshow files to the summit on your own laptop, or a USB flash drive as a backup. Plan to bring the files associated with your presentation directly to the session room. By arriving early, presenters will have the opportunity to ensure that your files load and appear as expected during the session.

When preparing PowerPoint files for your presentation, try to save the slideshow in a reverse-compatible format. Check with your moderator or session coordinator to verify if they will have a laptop for you; they might be utilizing an earlier version of Microsoft Office, and therefore, might not be able to open or display certain files optimally that are created in a newer version.

Please arrive at the session room approximately 15–30 minutes before the start time. This will provide you with an opportunity to meet your session chair/moderator, and make certain your PowerPoint slide is appearing correctly.

Keep in mind conference staff are not available to print supplemental materials or visual aids. Presenters are responsible for these items, so please arrive prepared.

Important Note: 
If for any reason you are unable to attend the summit and deliver your presentation, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate session coordinator or conference organizer to make alternative arrangements.

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