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Plenary Speakers

Friday, March 3

7:159:15 am | Plenary Breakfast

Tom Evers

Plenary Project Presentation - A Look Behind the MoDOT Curtain

Speaker: Tom Evers, PE, Assistant District Engineer, MoDOT

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Justin WolfSpeaker: Justin Wolf, PE, Project Director for the I-270 corridor project, MoDOT

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Dunn Road Project

This session will highlight some of the history and inner workings of MoDOT and how the department has advanced throughout the years. A few local projects will be highlighted describing their unique construction techniques. The Project Director of the I-270 corridor project will also describe in detail some of the innovations that their team is putting into practice in the St. Louis Region. The candid conversation will offer the opportunity to learn about MoDOT’s safety and service; program delivery, and project management that brings the best possible value to Missouri taxpayers and use existing resources wisely.

Saturday, March 4

12:001:30 pm | Closing Plenary Luncheon

Merchants Bridge Truss Planning & Construction

Daniel SieveModerator: Daniel Sieve, Senior Project Manager, Walsh Construction Company II, LLC.

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Eric FieldsSpeaker: Eric Fields PE, esq., Chief Engineer, Terminal Railroad Association (TRRA) of St. Louis

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Nick StaroskiSpeaker: Nick J. Staroski, PE, SE, Assistant Vice President, TranSystems

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Walsh Construction along with Mammoet is replacing the steel truss spans at the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis’ Merchants Bridge, part of the rehabilitation of the historic rail bridge. Walsh is replacing three truss spans, each measuring 520-feet-long and weighing 9,000,000 pounds, by assembling on barges, floating into position, and raising the spans over 60 feet above the Mississippi River after removing the existing 3.5 million pound, 130 year-old spans in a similar manner. Each span is replaced during a 10-day track closure coordinated with two 24-hour channel closures for river traffic. The technique was used on the first and second trusses in September 2021 and March 2022 with the third and final truss erection expected in August of 2022.

Merchants Bridge

The Merchants Bridge rehabilitation focuses on replacing the three river truss spans, strengthening the existing river substructures and improving the adjacent approaches, which will provide upgraded and more efficient track service for the twin-track bridge, reduce maintenance, and extend the lifespan of the important river crossing. Previously, rail traffic had been restricted due to weight and width limitations. Increasing the capacity and dependability of the bridge will assist in meeting the projected freight and passenger rail demand. With the improvements being made, the historic bridge can continue to be an important national link between Illinois and Missouri into the next century.

Session objectives:

  1. The logistical issues related to design and construction within the river boundaries.
  2. The construction engineering implemented to perform this heavy-civil and marine construction project.
  3. How the effective collaboration between owner, contractor & engineer resulted in a successful project
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