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Increase Your Visibility!

The Construction Institute (CI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is pleased to invite you to become a sponsor at the Construction Institute Summit 2023 in St. Louis, Missouri, March 1-4, 2023.

The Construction Institute Summit is where contractors, owners, designers, and other construction industry stakeholders from all over the country will meet to share new developments and innovative practices in the construction industry.

And, that means business for you!

  • Reach your targeted audience with your company’s message.
  • Expand brand awareness and recognition.
  • Receive recognition in the CI Newsletter.

CI offers a variety of sponsorship levels. Higher levels include presentation opportunities. More information regarding sponsorship and benefits will be available soon. Construction Institute of ASCE serves 17,000+ members.

For more information, contact:

Sponsorship Levels

Premier - $10,000+

  • Build to suit

Platinum - $7,000

  • Friday Reception - Always a premier feature of the Construction Institute Summit the special event offers sponsors the opportunity to gain maximum exposure, with special event sponsor signage and even the opportunity to have your staff representatives act as the welcoming crew, to ensure a great return on your investment.
  • Conference Wi-fi - Sponsor Wi-Fi for attendees outside the technical session rooms and the registration area. Have your organization’s name as the Wi-Fi login password.
  • Mobile Application - Attendees will stay up to date with conference events and sessions. Your logo will welcome them into the app each time they use it.

Gold - $5,000

  • Welcome Reception - This reception provides the sponsoring company an opportunity to advertise their brand while providing a casual setting for attendees to connect with colleagues, network, and meet new friends.
  • Lanyards - Lanyards are the must-have accessory at the conference. Lanyards offer a way to display your logo while holding their badge, business cards, etc. throughout the event.
  • Attendee Welcome Giveaway - Your logo featured on a giveaway item that will be distributed to all attendees at the registration desk.
  • Opening Plenary Breakfast or Closing Plenary Lunch - Be identified as the plenary session sponsor. Have your logo on the screen as everyone walks into the room to hear the keynote speaker. Put a promotional item on chairs and be recognized from the podium.

Silver - $3,000

  • Exhibit Hall Lunch - This sponsorship allows your company to gain exposure to the entire group of CI Summit 2022 attendees at this lunch. An ideal sponsorship for an exhibiting company.
  • Social Media Wall - Have your logo on a photo backdrop with the conference hashtag! When attendees post pictures to various social media, your logo will be there!
  • Final Program - Full page ad, inside front cover, plus logo on cover.
  • Technical Tours Transportation - Allow attendees to get out of the hotel and tour a construction engineering project for a more hands-on experience. Sponsor will receive priority tickets and event signage.
  • Young Professionals Forum - Support this interactive session and the CI Young Professionals Council that hosts it. Be recognized in the 3-minute greeting and with your logo in the PowerPoint. Includes placement of a promotional item on all attendees' chairs.
  • Wellness Activity - Support the wellness of the conference attendees by sponsoring a wellness activity, such as yoga or a morning run. Contact us for more information.

Bronze - $2,000

  • Saturday Continental Breakfast - Get the attendees off to a good start with coffee, a light breakfast and an opportunity to network with colleagues and friends before heading off to the final conference sessions.
  • Networking Break (3 available) - Always a good chance to network, refreshment breaks also serve as an opportunity to make your brand more memorable to attendees who need a quick pick-me-up before heading off to the next technical session.
  • Exhibit Hall Footprints - Drive attendees to your exhibit booth with your company logo leading the way on the floor.
  • Elevator or Column Wrap - Gain some new clients or get the old ones to stick around! Contact us for placement opportunities!

Copper - $1,000

  • Final Program ¼ page ad - Let attendees see your promo as they plan their conference itinerary! (multiple sponsors).
  • Session Sponsor - Be a part of the program! Does your organization specialize in one of the industry’s leading topics? Contact us to coordinate an industry session.
  • General Summit Sponsor - Be sure to have your company name attached to the CI Summit 2023. 
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